Coming from very humble beginnings and a small inner city in Northwest Indiana, I grew up dreaming of the day that I could earn my own money to buy the latest designer clothes and Nike tennis shoes I so desperately desired. My primary goal as an adolescence was to land a job working at my grandfathers fast food restaurant once I turned 12 and that I accomplished. Once I had a few new outfits and a new pair of Dope man Nike tennis shoes my next goal became a 14in 10kt gold herringbone necklace with a Mickey Mouse charm. After I accomplished my first few goals and it appeared to be an easy task, then the goals continued to become larger and larger! After two summers of working part-time I quickly came to realize that the hourly rate that I desired was not an option until I turned 16 because it would consist of more hours and more responsibilities. As fate would have it, an assistant management position became available and when I was only 14, I begged and pleaded with my grandfather for a stab at the position and assured him when I wasn’t in school or completing my homework I would dedicate my time working at the restaurant becoming the best assistant manager he had ever had, my dream had come true much quicker than I had imagined.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Thanks to my grandfather giving me a chance, at 14, I landed my very first management job. My grandfather gave me the responsibility of managing staff and operating his business under his supervision while he focused primarily on his other businesses. That became my first big realization of “ask and you shall receive”. I went on to enjoy a four year career as a key holder with supervisory experience and graduated high school with a wealth of incredible business and entrepreneurial experience under my belt. I credit my family and many mentors who took me under their wings as an adolescence with a large part of my success.

College or Career?

Since working hard and earning an income had become such a part of my lifestyle, taking a sabbatical to go to college was a challenging decision but the only option my parents made available to me at that time. Confused on what career path to take, I decided to major in Marketing. That four year degree and prior business experience led me into a prestigious and well earned Sales position at the young age 22 working for a Top 100 Fortune 500 company. By this time, I was being mentored by some of the top business leaders in the country. My unwavering faith in GOD and my own abilities coupled with a driven passion to succeed, I reinvented the rules and proved too many that graduating from a Big 10 school and having well connected parents isn't the only road to success.


Faced with many challenges, failures and adversities during my career and throughout life, I have become masterful at finding the “hidden treasures” that God plants along the way. I have became the poster child of a woman who has turned many of her own adversities into advantages and I frequently share my story with the hope of encouraging others that although the storm will come, appreciate the rain so that you can enjoy the flowers once they bloom . “My vision is to empower women to embrace their talents and step out on faith to accomplish their dreams”.

My leadership, products and advice are sought out by business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe. My unique ability in finding people talents and helping them turn their talents into profits quickly has enabled my business to gain popularity and rapid growth. I have help hundreds of people during my career and pride myself on my ability to help them find their “hidden treasures” while learning how to become a savvy entrepreneur.

I am the proud founder of Give Back Genie, Buy Time Concierge Service, and the Indianapolis Womenpreneurs three growing organizations for people who are in need of time, tools, and resources. I continue to dedicate countless hours and resources to several causes that support the empowerment of women, men, and children.

The Future

The unstoppable Danielle Chatay' is set to leave an indelible mark in the minds of people across America and around the world in 2010 and beyond. Throughout this journey more people will experience the happiness and fulfillment of being an entrepreneur and the lifestyle that they have always yearned.